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Advertising Product Photography for International Businesses

Interior Photography for award winning UK restaurants

Whether for interior or entertainment, portrait or lifestyle, corporate or advertising, Liam can coordinate your commission – from start to final delivery. Liam’s creative individual approach to advertising photography has seen him work for a variety of clients, from national chains to small independent businesses. If you require commercial photography for your business in Milton Keynes, give Liam a call. Working either from a digital photography studio or on location, Liam is able to offer his professional photography services wherever they are needed.
Photography is possibly the single most important element of an advertising campaign. Text and typography plays a pivotal role in communicating the message of a product, however it’s the photograph that first attracts the viewer. The image is also much more likely to leave a lasting impression with a viewer and is much more likely to be shared via social media than a plain text advertisement.

In order to get your project off the ground, planning is vital.

Planning your advertising strategy

A strategy meeting with the client to should always take place to develop a brief that both the photographer and the client understand. At Prime Video, that is exactly what we do, before jumping into the studio or racing to find a location, it is vital that we devise a plan to make sure we’re meeting your needs. It is vital that the photographer and the client achieve complete clarity in the planning stage to make sure the final product is perfect and the key message of the product and brand is communicated to the customer. Contact Liam today to get your commercial photography project underway.